We created ReverseOsmosisDirect to help answer all questions related to reverse osmosis, RO systems and water filtration.

Based on our research, and for your ease of navigation, we have divided our site into two main categories:

  1. Learning Center
  2. Buying Guides

Learning center, as the name suggests, features answers to commonly asked questions about reverse osmosis process.

Buying guides help you navigate the market of RO systems and help you buy the one that’s right for you – through reviews, comparisons and recommendations.

Our Team

Paul White – Senior Editor

Paul is water engineer by trade and is very passionate about innovative solutions for water filtration. His goal is to make drinking water accessible and affordable to all. An avid runner, he is currently training for a marathon.

“Running is my sanity. Writing is how I organize my thoughts. I’m a poet and writer who is passionate about change. I aspire to be the best version of myself, and to help others do the same.”

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Robert Johnson – Writer

Robert Johnson is a professional kiteboarder, surfer, and lifeguard. He’s been involved in many different sports and has competed at the national level in multiple disciplines. Robert has been an avid comic book reader since he was a child and is now also a video game enthusiast.

“I’m a geek and a nerd who loves to read, fish, and play video games. I occasionally write.”

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Jessica Chen – Writer

Jessica is a mountain-biking enthusiast and yoga fanatic who enjoys traveling the world and reading books about Buddhism. She has a passion for writing, food, and wine.

“Winter is my favorite season. I love sitting by the fire with a good book and a warm cup of hot chocolate.”

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Nancy Hernandez – Writer

Nancy is a yoga instructor and a knitwear designer. She has been teaching yoga since 2013 and is certified by Yoga Alliance. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, tennis and cooking.

“As a mother of three, my kids keep me busy. But spending time with them is really a treat. They are growing up so fast and I do not want to miss anything!”

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