What Happens if I Never Clean My R.O. System?

What happens if RO filter is not changed?

Reverse osmosis water systems are one of the most popular water filtration systems on the market. They’re perfect for people who want to save water but don’t have the time or resources to clean their system regularly. However, if you don’t clean your reverse osmosis water system regularly, it can start to get clogged and … Read more

What is a TDS Meter? Do You Need One?

TDS Meter

A TDS meter is a device that measures the total dissolved solids in water. The higher the TDS reading, the higher the concentration of dissolved solids in your water. The TDS meter is a great way to test your RO system to ensure that you are getting clean, healthy water. To know whether you need … Read more

What is in a Semi-Permeable Membrane Used for Reverse Osmosis?

What is RO Membrane Made of?

Reverse osmosis is a process that water is forced through a permeable membrane to extract dissolved minerals and other ions from a solution. Reverse osmosis has been used for centuries for water purification, agricultural irrigation, and many other applications. However, the permeability of membranes is a limiting factor in reverse osmosis. This article will explore … Read more

How to Replace a Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Replacing an RO Membrane - Step by Step

Reverse osmosis is an effective water purification technology. However, it can be difficult to replace a membrane when it becomes worn or damaged. Here’s how to replace a Reverse Osmosis Membrane without any damage. What Is the Best Way to Install a New RO Membrane? When you are replacing your reverse osmosis membrane, you want … Read more

What are the Pros and Cons of Reverse Osmosis Water?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis is an effective and economical method to remove dissolved salts and minerals from water. The process is more efficient than other methods such as distillation, deionization, or evaporation. Reverse osmosis also produces demineralized water which has a high pH value, thus removing the need for additional water conditioning processes. However, reverse osmosis units … Read more

Why Is My Reverse Osmosis System Slow?

Why is my RO system so slow?

Reverse osmosis is the process of moving water from a lower pressure to a higher pressure. This system works by forcing water through a fine membrane, called a semipermeable membrane, which allows only some of the water molecules to pass through while keeping most of them on the other side. With this method, there are … Read more