How to Disconnect Reverse Osmosis Tubing

Disconnecting Reverse Osmosis Tubing

The average American household has about 1.5 gallons of water per day, so it’s no surprise that there are multiple appliances used to store and use this resource. One of them is the reverse osmosis system, which purifies water by removing dissolved salts and minerals. The health benefits of drinking reconstituted or purified water are … Read more

Who Invented Reverse Osmosis?

Who Invented Reverse Osmosis? - History of RO

Reverse osmosis is a water filter that uses the pressure of the water in the container to break down the molecules of water into their component parts. Reverse osmosis was first discovered by Eighteenth-century French physicist Jean Antoine Nollet in 1748. Who was Jean-Antoine Nollet? Jean Antoine Nollet was born on December 23, 1700 in … Read more

What to Do With Reverse Osmosis Waste Water

How to Recycle RO Waste Water and Reuse

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that uses pressure and gravity to remove dissolved contaminants from water. Reverse osmosis waste water can be used in many different ways, including home WIFI, Drinking Water, and Industrial Use. Reverse osmosis is a very efficient way to filter water, and it’s also environmentally friendly. However, there are … Read more

How to Drain a Reverse Osmosis Tank

How to Drain an RO Tank

In this article, we will review how to drain a Reverse Osmosis tank. This article is meant for people who have a reverse osmosis system installed on their house as well as those who are planning to install one. In general, RO systems use salt or potassium permanganate as an oxidizer to create the necessary … Read more

How Long Do Reverse Osmosis Filters Last?

Life of Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse osmosis filters are a common item in water systems. And while they can be effective at removing pollutants, there are a few things to keep in mind when using them. Reverse osmosis filters typically last for around 10 years, but that’ depends on how you use the RO system. In fact, if you only … Read more